The music publishing house founded in 1981 manages a large part of the copyrights of the most important former “A La Carte Music Publishing” authors Tony Hendrik and Karin Hartmann (synonym: K. van Haaren / Junior Torello).
The catalog, now covering around 400 songs, including new publishing titles, was taken over in 2006 by a group of investors (led by Karin Hartmann), who are now actively exploiting the catalog.
In addition to the works of Hendrik/van Haaren, other authors can be found in the portfolio, e.g. songs by Juliane Werding, Andreas Martin, or by soul singer Jimmy Helms, the creative head of pop group Londonbeat. Add to that the titles of the pop stars Weather Girls or singer Christina Stürmer, and many more.
Most of the titles in the portfolio feature German lyrics. By far the most successful song in recent years is the track “The sky is burning”: This tune and four other songs by German mega star/songwriter Wolfgang Petry are performed in the popular Petry musical “Wahnsinn”. Wolfgang Petry’s many hits continue to receive major airplay on the radio – and are the best example of the fact that many songs from the “Coconut Publishing” catalog touch people’s hearts time and time again.

Among the authors in the catalogue are

  • Andreas Martin
  • K.van Haaren
  • Tony Hendrik
  • George Jones
  • Jimmy Helms
  • Jimmy Chambers
  • Antonio Nunzo Catania
  • Bernd Meinunger
  • Hans-Ulrich Weigel
  • Jens Frisch
  • Christian Heilburg
  • Juliane Werding

… and many more.

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