Silent Circle

The pop trio Silent Circle, founded in Kassel/Germany in 1985, consisted of singer Jo Jo Tychsen, keyboarder Harrie Schaefer and drummer Carsten Engel. A year later, their second single ‘Touch In The Right “reached number 15 on the German sales charts. The follow-ups “Stop The Rain” and “Love Is Just A Word” were well placed in the charts for weeks – as was the debut album “No. 1”. After a creative pause, Silent Circle released the Hendrik & Hartmann productions “I’m Your Believer” (1089) and “What A Shame” – both songs remained in top ten positions of the German dance charts for weeks. Silent Circle appeared on all relevant TV shows at e.g. “Formel 1” and “Peter’s Pop Show” and were one of the most successful German pop groups with releases all over Europe.

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